4 GDPR reasons for automating Automatic Enrolment

pensionsync customers are happy customers

"Fully implementing pensionsync has been a key part of our GDPR program"

Lisa Kennery & Philip Johnson, Pierce

"Good customer support is crucial to us and pensionsync deliver in every way"

Julie Hunter, Paul Wightman and Laura Collier, Outsourced Payroll Team, Johnston Smillie

"benefits.market has simplified the entire process of buying employee benefits"

James Harrap, Managing Director, Harrap ICT

"We're saving around 50hours a month of manual processing by using pensionsync!"

Suzie Paton, Lizann Berwick & Nicola Swan, Capital Payroll Services

"It is my prediction that many business will rely upon pensionsync to deliver Auto Enrolment successfully and now we are bringing the smallest employers on board, I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that Auto Enrolment could be an admin disaster without this technology."

Matt Portt, Managing Director, Portt Payroll & Bookkeeping

"Working with AEclipse feels like a proper partnership and I would certainly recommend both AEclipse and pensionsync as it saves me time and enables my clients to have access to a Pension Provider that otherwise I would not be able to support and would likely risk losing some clients because of that."

CC, Accountant, Moneysoft User

"pensionsync has helped us create a true one-stop-shop service, that significantly reduces AE processing time for our clients"

Richard Bolton, Managing Director, OptEnrol

"pensionsync is a simple solution, a cost effective solution, and for the time it saves it is a no-brainer"

Simon Palmer, Sales & Marketing Director
& Simon Wells, Sales Development Executive, QTAC Payroll Services

"pension data automation makes automatic enrolment simpler... and our bureau more efficient"

Neil Alexander, Payroll Manager, QTAC Payroll Services

"If I wasn’t using pensionsync, I would employ an additional 3 people just to manage AE data"

Liz Robbins, Managing Partner, AS Robins

"pensionsync saves us time and money which we can pass onto our clients."

Karen Thomson, Director of Payroll Services, Armstrong Watson

"We believe that working with pensionsync gives our clients a strategic advantage in the market place"

Ed Patchett, Head of Operations, HR and Payroll Software

"Were pensionsync not around we could end up spending over 12 months writing interfaces to different pension providers"

Lee Williams, IT Director, QTAC Solutions Ltd

Messages of support from our pension industry partners

Andy Agathengelou, Founding Chair, CIPP's Friends of Automatic Enrolment

Will Wynne, Managing Director, Smart Pension

Will Wood, Business Development Manager, Aviva

Henry Tapper, Founder, Pension PlayPen

William Finch, Payroll Intermediary Manager,
The People's Pension